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Welcome to Bake by Dani,
Step into the action-packed world of laser tag with our incredible cake decorations! 
Made with precision and creativity, these fondant masterpieces will transform your cake into an immersive laser tag battleground. Our laser tag theme decorations burst with vibrant hues, capturing the excitement and energy of the game. We use premium quality fondant to ensure a flawless and smooth finish on your cake. Whether it's a birthday party, a celebration of achievements, or a laser tag enthusiasts' gathering, our decorations are the ideal choice to level up your cake and make it an unforgettable centerpiece.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring the excitement of laser tag to your celebration. Order our laser tag theme cake decorations today and get ready to create an extraordinary cake that will leave everyone in awe!
All of my creations are made using non-toxic materials but are NOT recommended to be eaten. All creations are handmade and may vary in sizes, color, and appearance. All toppers can be preserved as a keepsake by removing from icing as soon as possible and wiped dry. See the storage directions below.

Set included: 2 small stars on stick
                            3 large stars on stick
                            2 little star
                            1 target with age in the center 4" on stick 
                            10 balls 
                            10 confetti
                            3 twist 

Laser tag cake decoration - target fondant decoration - stand up stars - festive

  • Please note that I take extreme caution while packaging your items as they are extremely fragile. Accidents can happen at any time and most likely occur during transit. If your item is broken, you may repair it with water by using a fine tip paint brush. The water will bond the pieces together. If your item is not repairable, please send me a picture of the damage and I will send replacement parts or items as soon as possible. Due to the nature of the items, returns are not accepted.

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